2011Summerschool 前半③



スピーキングも照れることなく発音していく。Activityをふんだんに取り入れこどもたちが能動的に 学習することを前半のサマースクールではひとつの目標としている。




"Would you like change?"

"Let's see."

"That's be a beautiful snake."




*Ostrich Dance(カードを背中側に隠し、相手が何のカードをもっているかあてるゲーム。)
Review some a-z cards
Two students hold a card behind them and try to see the other’s
* Clothes
Teach: hat, shirt, pants, shorts, skirt, dress, socks, shoes, scarf, gloves
Kids draw and color a piece of clothing and cut it out
Assemble person with head from yesterday


fishの複数形/fish ・ mouseの複数形/mice など複数形もあわせて学習
Practice numbers 1-100
Standing slam game
Teach square, rectangle, circle, triangle, heart, star, oval, diamond


*Review face parts
Kids draw faces on whiteboard with shape ideas from others


Put animal + color cards together with robot game for each kid
*Animals  Teach animal words


*Memory Circle(伝言ゲーム)
In a circle, one kid says any English word; the next repeats it and adds a word. Each student says all words and adds a new word. If a kid can’t remember they are out.


*Gestures (こどもたち大好き・ジェスチャーゲーム)
Use some a-z and A-Z cards
Play gestures with 2 teams


*Numbers/Colors/Shapes (カードマッチングゲーム)
Two teams make phrases ・ running game


*Office Supplies(ヒントを目当てにカードをあてるゲーム)
Teach telephone, table, sofa, desk, television, computer, chair, clock


Kids draw in bingo squares (16 words)
Play bingo


Review some flashcard words
Put them in a line; students have to walk and say each one


*Ball Toss
Review basic English questions/answers (Do you like ~? Can you ~?)
Throw ball around; each kid answers, then asks questions


In a circle, kids count to 20. Each can say one, two, or three numbers at a time. Whoever says “20” is out. Play until there is one winner.